With the release of Android Wear 2.0, Google has finally taken the stop towards making Android Pay possible on Wear smartwatches. As one of the main talking points of the Android Wear 2.0 upgrade, the NFC-based payment system has finally been released on wearables with the latest OS version.




Everything You Need to Know About the Android Wear 2.0 Release

But first, Android Pay requires that your smartwatch has an NFC chip — a similar one that is embedded in your smartphone. Now, not all wearables feature this chip just yet, but some, such as the LG Watch Sport, comes integrated with NFC — this integration will be picked up by other manufacturers very soon and the next line of smartwatches will without a doubt feature it.

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Current Wearables with NFC

  • Samsung Gear S3
  • Apple Watch (not compatible with Android Pay because it is iOS)
  • LG Watch Sport
  • Jawbone UP4 Fitness Tracker
  • Microsoft Band 2

There will be more devices added to this list as manufacturers unveil their new NFC-enabled wearables in 2017.


Instructions: How to Setup Android Pay on your NFC-Enabled Smartwatch

(This example uses the LG Watch Sport).

First, Android Pay is an easy to use feature that was design to be as simple and quick as possible. You only need to make sure you have two things right:

  • The Bluetooth connectivity between your smartwatch
  • The  Android Pay app on your smartphone

Make sure your Android Pay app on your smartphone has updated information with all of your latest credit/debit card details. After you check to ensure everything is up to date, open up the Android Pay application on your smartwatch and tap “add card” to choose a card from previously loaded cards.

If you want to add a new card, you will have to pick up your phone and verify details.

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Step by Step Breakdown of Process (of the above)

  1. Connect your smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth
  2. Open the Android Pay app on your phone
  3. Add card details
  4. Verify card details
  5. Open Android Pay app on your smartwatch and tap on “add card” to choose a card

That’s it!


Choosing your Card

The Android Pay app on your LG Watch Sport will show you all of the cards that you have saved in the app on your smartphone. You can swipe the display screen on your watch to see the options.

You can also make another card your ‘default’ payment card by selecting the card on the Android Pay app in your watch, after selecting the card tap on the blue bar with a tick mark at the bottom.

Also, you can delete a card at any time from Android Pay using your smartwatch by selecting the card and double swiping up on it — this will delete the card.

How to Make Payments by Android Pay using your Smartwatch

(Again, we are using the new LG Watch Sport as the example for this process).

As you head to the checkout at a store, you will arrive at the payment counter where the credit/debit console is located. All you need to do is follow the simple process below to pay for your items via Android Pay using your smartwatch:


  • Open Android Pay app on smartwatch by pressing the icon (or button) that launches the app
  • From the app, choose the card you wish to pay with
  • Place the top edge of your smartwatch in front of the payment terminal
  • You will feel a vibration on your smartwatch if the payment has been accepted
  • The terminal will also make a beeping noise to confirm the payment

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Security: Locking Android Pay App on your Phone

Android Pay is an app that is great for card-less payments, but you must be aware that in the wrong hands, this could be misused by others — for example, if your smartwatch is stolen.

To make sure your Android Pay is secure, you can lock it with two different kinds of lock options, such as: PIN, Password, and Patterns.


iOS and Android Wear 2.0

Unfortunately, Android Pay will not work on your NFC-enabled smartwatch if it is paired up with an iOS device (like the Apple Watch). Google will eventually render support for iOS but there is no current timeline on that.


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