Smart Watches are not only a trend, but have now become an accessory piece that anyone with a smartphone or iPhone wants for hands-free calls, keeping track of their workouts, and quick glances to see who is calling or texting them.

The 5 most sophisticated smart watches you should buy right now are listed below, with some specs and comparisons to help you make the choice that is right for you. Click on the links to see each smart watch and the plethora of options, technology, and mind blowing design styles that make this top 5 list a must-read.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic


One of the best smart watches out there that double as a casual, business, and dress smart watch is without a doubt, the Samsung Gear S2. With the ease of use of a Pebble smart watch and the slick design that makes it so unique, the Samsung Gear S2 leaps beyond most smart watches and into a high-functioning category of its own. The Gear S2 has it all—the battery life exceeds most other smart watches, while maintaining the best technology and remote functions a smart watch has to offer.

Users have been going crazy over the rotating bezel—which is the overwhelming favorite among smart watches today. As most users’ favorite part of this smart watch, this intuitive interactive bezel can switch between apps in a rotating fashion, making navigating the applications, contacts list, text messages, social media, GPS, and other features, a breeze.

The operating system provides a faster speed than Apple, and the price of the Gear S2 at only $299.99 (depending on your customization options), it is cheaper than the Apple Watch as well as one of the highest rated and popular smart watches one can buy on the market.

Beyond the genius of the rotating bezel, we should not forget the screen and other design features that makes this smart watch so attractive. The Gear S2 has a 1.2 inch, sharp, Super AMOLED screen. It is smaller than some smartwatch screens and set into the watch face just a bit, giving the overall impression of the Gear S2 Classic an incredibly sophisticated look. In addition, there also buttons on the side below the rotating bezel, which allows you to launch an app, music player, maps, or other functions at a whim.

With colors and personalization options, men and women can find the perfect look for them—the user can make the beautiful face into an analog watch, allowing the wearer to show off an impressive and gorgeous design that Samsung absolutely nails. This is perfect for those who want a sophisticated look for business or just for a lovely evening out. This includes an 18k Rose Gold Plated option as well as a Platinum Plated option with a modern metallic blue face.

However, for those with a modern sophistication palate, the user can select from a variety of watch faces from digital, to classic analog, to minimalism analog, and more.

Visit this link for the latest design and personalization options for the Gear S2 for 2016:

The Gear S2 also features Tizen, which allows the user to make the most of their easily-rotating bezel that shows quick and easily glance-able information when rotating around the circular app icons on the edge of the screen.

With health and fitness features, such as vibrating when you have been sitting for almost an hour, show you how long you have been inactive, keep up with what you are eating and drinking, and the ability to keep track of your running or walking using the pre-loaded Nike + Running app; the Gear S2 really is an all-round excellent smart watch that deserves a spot in this list of the most sophisticated smart watches on the market. It is affordable, economical, and with the right band and design choice, any man or woman will have that sophisticated and impressive look without having to pay an arm or a leg for one of the best functioning smart watches ever.

Vector Luna


Vector Luna is one of those brands that is not well known to the mainstream buyer, but is without a doubt one of the best smart watch makers there is. The Vector Luna watch is one of those smart watches that just oozes sophistication while offering a traditional look and excellent features as a smart, ecological, and efficient timepiece.

Featuring an incredible 30 day battery life, Vector Luna will look great on any man or woman’s wrist at a dress party, business meeting, and with any outfit for the sophisticated among us.

You do not have to stay within the realms of Android or iOS to have an excellent smart watch. Expand your horizons and you will find incredible options out there by manufacturers that have given smart watches a more sophisticated look for around the same price as the standard smart watches on the market. With many customizable strap, material, color and face options, the Vector Luna is anything but standard.

This incredible smart watch has a traditional timepiece design and manual look on the exterior. However, when activated, this watch offers the user smart features that are modern, digital, and convenient. The Vector Luna also boasts unobtrusive notifications above flash for the wearer, a large variety of applications that work spectacularly, and it must be mentioned again—has an incredible 30 day battery life! No other smart watch can boast such a look and functionality with an incredible battery lifespan such as this.

Vector Luna is a style for those who want a sophisticated look while reaping the rewards of a smart watch. The best part is it compatible with both Android AND iOS, so whether this is a gift for someone else or a well-deserved treat for yourself, it will not matter what type of phone you own—you will look excellent.

The Vector Luna also comes in different configurations, strap designs, and differs from other smart watches in that it is NOT a touchscreen. But do not worry—not containing a touch screen has its benefits. With a 30 day battery life, charging will not be an issue, and without a touchscreen, you can have a classy and sophisticated smart watch that functions like a smart watch should. This is only possible by eliminating the battery-draining touch screen. If you are not the type of person that is constantly touching your smart watch but wants to receive messages, keep the time in style, streaming, activity tracking, and other functions you can download from the in-app store, than this may be the best smart watch for you.

Depending on your chosen case material and strap choices, this smart watch runs from $299 (the same price as the Samsung Gear S2). Considering that this timepiece is not just a smart watch but a beautiful, long-lasting, and high-end traditional looking smart watch, this pricing is a steal. This is definitely an everyday watch for the sophisticated and stylish.

The Huawei Watch



Next up is a special smartwatch that mainstream users may not have even heard of. Huawei has impressed tech magazines and manufacturers everywhere with their introduction of the illustrious Huawei Watch. Huawei has made impressive smartphones in the past, such as the Google Nexus 6P, but with their introduction of their very first smart watch, they have exceeded expectations and created a gem.

The Huawei Watch is powered by the latest Android Wear, and includes not only a highly functional smart watch operating system, but an attractive watch face as well. You can choose from a variety of other custom watch faces, including those with sophisticated designs for dress or business wear.

Depending on the band (such as leather or metal mesh) and the bezel style you choose, the Huawei Watch can cost you anywhere from $350 to $450; however, if you search around for a deal, you can get it cheaper. Considering a typical smart watch runs from $300 to $400 dollars, the Huawei costs a very reasonable sum, considering the high-grade materials it uses compared to similarly priced tech watches.

The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is stunning and incredible to find on a smart watch of this caliber, and the 1.4 inch HD AMOLED display is enviable. With a fine leather or stainless steel strap and the cold-forged 316L stainless steel casing, the Huawei Watch is not just a smart watch, but also a traditional and classic fashion statement. There are a half a dozen different colors and faces to choose from and a couple of different band types and color choices so you can find the perfect sophisticated look for you.

This attractive and sophisticated tech wear by Huawei has made an impressive debut with the introduction of their very first smart watch. It is fully functional with both Android smartphones and iOS 8 iPhones.

The versatility and high-quality of this smartwatch leaves no room for doubt that it belongs on the list of the Top 5 Smartwatches for the Sophisticated—its exterior beauty and the solid statement it makes, has put The Huawei Watch at the top of many lists.

Fossil Q Founder


Experts and novice smart watch users alike are often surprised to hear that the well-known wrist watch brand, Fossil, has also been manufacturing smart watches. Known for their analog watches, Fossil has entered the modern age with the Fossil Q Founder smart watch. Do not take Fossil’s history lightly—the technology and operating system packed into this astoundingly attractive smart watch came out the blue and onto the modern scene.

This touchscreen-enabled smart watch comes in regular stainless steel, an attractive two-tone stainless steel, as well as black and brown leather bands. The face of the Q Founder is the traditional full circle design that features scratch-resistant technology, stainless steel case, and a variety of straps to choose from.

This fully functional smart watch has had excellent reviews from the industry as well as wearers, who love its functionality as well as the sleek, sophisticated look it offers. Powered by Android Wear, the display is always on so you can keep track of your activity, notifications, texts, calls, emails, weather, the time, and anything else streaming from your apps. Best of all, you decide what is important and what is not—all from a beautiful display by this top-notch company.

Perfect for business and dress wear, you can customize your Fossil Q Founder from a digital face display to a variety of traditional “analog” face displays that make this versatile smart watch an excellent choice for the office or to impress at your next event. Ranging from $275 to $315, your Q Founder is worth the price and gives mainstream smart watches a run for their money in the looks department.

Motorola “Moto” 360


Starting at $299.99, the Moto 360 by Motorola may be too pricey to start off with for some smart watch seekers, but with the right customization options, a look at the incredible features and specs, and a look at the beautiful designs offered, many smart watch owners have bought this model and have never looked back, citing it as one of the best smart watches on the market today.

The Moto 360 is popular for their incredibly traditional, sophisticated, and beautiful face designs that belay the fact that it is also a smart watch. Available in sizes perfect for men and women, there are additional options for an oversized round clock face at 46mm. Not many smart watches offer this customization option.

The bezel options come in a variety of tones using Chamfer or Micro Knurl, and the case can be purchased in black, silver, and gold. Leather band options include Cognac leather, Black leather, and metal link bands include silver, gold, and black. These color tones make any and all customization and personalization options exceptional for a traditional and business look.

With 14 different pre-installed faces to choose from, you can decide to change up your look, including the following faces: minimalism, artistic, digital, refined, classic, rotation style, world clock, Roman numeral, dials, pascal, and retrograde designs. Man or woman, the wearer can change their look for casual wear, for a party, a family event, a wedding, a job interview, for work, at a conference, at an important dress event, and for an overall look of sophistication and versatility one cannot find on just any smart watch “shelf.”

The Moto 360 has a large and loyal following of wearers who are insanely pleased with this model that they swear by its functionality and beauty, and have stated that it is without a doubt, worth the purchase.

You can go for a sleek and bold look, a warm minimalistic feel, a digital statement, and anywhere in between with the Motorola Moto 360. From applications and streaming capabilities including health and fitness, Google Play apps, wireless music, the interchangeability of bands as well as the faces and dials, and the plethora of specification options, this model is a home run.

The battery life lasts up to a day and a half depending on use and can be charged wirelessly for optimal convenience. It also saves battery power by using an optional ambient light sensor, so the screen adjusts to the surrounding brightness.

Overall, this is the perfect smart watch to end this top 5 list of most sophisticated smart watches on the market. Check out your options and decide for yourself which smart watch is perfect for your style.