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The Blink Watch:


The India-based hardware firm Witworks has gotten into the wearable technology business with the all-new Blink smartwatch. Witworks is a consumer IoT company that creates wearable smart watches and home devices. Its flagship product is now the Blink smartwatch.



The 43mm, unisex timepiece looks like more like a traditional watch and less like a cheap smartwatch. It is smartly designed with a sleek 316L stainless steel case, surrounded by a 1.39” 400 x 400 AMOLED display.


The display is a touchscreen, protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which means it is tough and can really withstand drops and accidental hitting against services. Blink is paired with a built-in speaker so the user can interact with the watch hands-free.


What is impressive about this flagship watch is its 320mAh battery that can allow for up to two days of use on a single charge. Under the hood of the, you will find a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM.


Marvin OS

What makes Blink different than the competition on the market, is their use of Witwork’s Android-based Marvin OS, which is a “first” in its platform. It is designed to offer a fluid and simple user experienced that is based on a circular interface design. Clearly, the popularity of the Samsung Gear S2 and S3 with regards to its circular design and tactility was well taken by the designers of Blink.


Blink pairs with both Android and iOS devices to deliver notifications to your watch and to sync with applications such as email and calendar. The Marvin OS offers a Timeline that shows all reminders, events, and alarms on a single screen. It also surfaces notifications when they appear (calls, text messages, emails, calendar reminders, etc…) and allows you to act on them immediately.



Another great aspect to Blink is its innovative technology that is keeping up with the times. Blink supports additional apps for third-party services, including Uber and Ola, for ride-sharing. Witworks is building a ton of additional in-house applications for categories such as hotel and restaurant discovery among other things.



The following lists some of the applications, technical specifications, and features of Blink:

  • 43mm Fluidic Diameter Case Design
  • 1.39” Full, Circular Display
  • 400 x 400 AMOLED DIsplay with 16.5 million colors
  • Razor sharp visibility
  • 2mm thick Curved Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • 1.2GHz, Dual-Core Processor Performance
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 18mm cut, premium straps
  • Precision Sensing: 9 Axis motion sensor with advanced fitness tracking algorithms
  • Circular, celestial design that allows functionality through rotation
  • Touch Bezel: With the most intuitive touch interface for a circular display, you can navigate through Marvin by interacting with the touch bezel
  • Voice: Control applications through the built-in speakers
  • Play songs right from your wrist
  • 1000 songs are supported by Blink Music
  • 2 Day Battery Life on a Single Charge (Fast Charge battery with a capacity of 320mAh)


Witworks is confident that they have created a smartwatch that is the first step in its journey to becoming an ecosystem of connected products. Marvin is designed for smartwatches, but the company hopes to expand its functionality to support IoT devices that can all be controlled from a single wearable or hub. Talk about development power!


It will certainly be interesting to see it Witworks can win over Indian consumers with its first on-the-market wearable. A brief demo showed that Blink has a commendable build quality, a very appealing interface, and a desirable look. As with any competitor, it may be difficult to face off with the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear S3, the upcoming Pebble 2, and the Apple Watch Series 2.


However, there are many brands that have successfully made their way into the wearable technology market with their own innovative and unique designs and technology. By creating a new OS (Marvin OS), Witworks was able to truly create their own interface and make this watch anything but a copy of other models.


Blink Smartwatch


Blink will initially be available through the powerhouse, Amazon at a starting price of $195. You can choose between:

  • Stainless Steel Silver
  • Black Finish
  • Silicone Strap
  • Leather Strap
  • Steel Bracelet
  • All-Black Steel Option

The All-Black Steel model is the priciest on the list at $240.


You can also purchase Blink directly from the Blink site, where they are accepting pre-orders:

TIP: You can get 10% off of your final purchase NOW by pre-booking your order on until SUNDAY, October 2nd!!



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