Moving on from their typical screenless fitness trackers and hybrid smart/analog watches, Misfit has announced their new, full-smartwatch called the Vapor. Complete with a full touchscreen, its own operating system, a stunning design, and beautiful graphics, the Misfit Vapor impressed onlookers at CES 2017.

Brand: Misfit
Type: Vapor Smartwatch


Technical Specifications and Features

  • Display Size: 1.39 inch
  • Display Type: AMOLED
  • Pixelation Density: 326 ppi
  • Operating System: Misfit in-house OS
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 Chip
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Case Material: Metal
  • Case Color Options: Rose Gold or Black Finish
  • Bezel: Touch Enabled with Animation/Graphics
  • Strap Material: Silicon (with two-button easy release for switching out straps)
  • Unisex
  • Features: Side Button, Fitness Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Notifications, Alarms, Calls, Texts, Email, Apps, Voice Message Reply


Power Source

To be announced.

It is known from the prototype designs that the Vapor will offer wireless charging via the magnetic connectors on the back of the case.


The Good

The design and graphics immediately stand out on this device. For users seeking a budget-friendly wearable that has all of the smartwatch technology one realistically needs, a sleek design, a look of a more traditional timepiece, and a beautiful touch screen and touch/animated bezel, then the Vapor will certainly be an attractive option.


The sleek side button allows you to offer all of your apps and the small icons on the display screen open up applications such as text, music controls, weather, and more.

This watch even features a heart rate monitor integrated into the case. When activated, you will see why this Misfit watch calls this wearable the “Vapor.” With red, vapor flames, the animation on this device are much higher end and sleek than any other smartwatch on the market.


With a traditional watch strap that offers attractive color options, you can also switch out your straps with ease due to the two small round button-like pegs. You no longer have to deal with the traditional pins to replace your straps

Since the Vapor will not need a micro USB for charging, it is likely that the water resistance will be quite good. While we do not know for sure what the water resistance is going to be, Misfit is known for having created watches with tech that you could submerge.


The Bad

It has yet to be seen whether Misfit’s use of their own operating system (OS) will be an advantage or not. While this means that Misfit can make the Vapor their own, it also means they will likely have to create their own apps in order to stay competitive. It will also mean that there may be less options for users to choose, but Misfit has declared that Vapor is intended to be a minimalist full-service smartwatch.


The Vapor seems to be shaping up to be a well functioning wearable. With an extremely quick Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip, the animations and graphics on this watch are very unique and are seamless. You won’t find any lag on this device as you use different applications, utilize your health and fitness apps, scroll through your touchscreen, check the weather, receive notifications, or check for calls.


While we do not know what battery Misfit plans on putting into the Vapor, there appears to be plenty of room in the sleek case for a high capacity battery with a good battery life.



One of the first things you notice about the Vapor is its beautiful design. Along with the stunning unisex construction, the graphics on this smartwatch are different than any other on the market. The bezel features an animation that looks like a ring of fire that dances on its edge.


This animation is an indicator of how far you are on your daily fitness goal. In addition with the vapor graphics on-screen, this Vapor has a huge edge over other watches on the market in terms of speed, design, and functionality.

The speed is incredibly fast, considering that the Vapor is outfitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip. You can zip through your apps, control music, use your fitness/sleep tracking device, and more, without experiencing lagging.


The price is a serious highlight of the Vapor. At $199.00, this Misfit will be priced at a much more competitive price than Apple and Android Wear devices. Speaking of Android Wear — as opposed to most of the smartwatches coming out that aren’t Samsung or Apple products (who use iOS and Tizen operating system, respectively), Misfit is using their own OS. This keeps things simple and can be a plus if Misfit comes out with some apps of their own.



Going on sale in the late quarter of 2017, the Misfit Vapor should be retailing for $199.00. This is over $150 below the cost of just about every Android Wear watch on the market as well as the latest Apple smartwatches.

With some beautiful tech, extremely fast processing speeds, and features that make this smartwatch worthwhile, the Misfit Vapor is definitely a wearable to look forward to this year.



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