According to a recent publication in the South Korean newspaper, “The Korea Herald,” JoongAng Ilbo has stated that the Huawei brand may be changing its OS in their next line of smartwatch devices. South Korea is the home of Samsung HQ, who created the Tizen OS for smartwatches.

This news may come as a huge positive for those who love the gorgeous Huawei brand but were turned off by the use of Google’s Android Wear in the Huawei Watch.


The “Huawei Watch” Smartwatch Collection

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This may be the best move Huawei could have made, as Android Wear is, simply put, not customizable enough for most users needs and desires in a smartwatch.

Huawei has become one of the top manufacturers of smart watches over the last year or so, and they have always used Android Wear to run their devices. However, with the public aware of the quality of their smartwatches and hungry for more, they are pairing their superior designs and a more customizable OS to create what may be one of the finest smartwatch lines of the next year.

The Tizen OS that Huawei is tipped to be switching to is currently the operating system that Samsung uses in its Gear S2 and S3 watches, which are immensely popular, highly functional, and very customizable. It is said that the two companies, Huawei and Samsung, have been collaborating on the hardware of the watch, as well.

The open-source Tizen Smartwatch OS is owned by Samsung

The open-source Tizen Smartwatch OS is owned by Samsung

This should not come as a huge surprise, however. Huawei has long been a member of the Tizen Association, so their integration into the more customizable and functional Tizen OS over that of the limited Android Wear should not come as much of a surprise.The South Korean paper that reported on this claimed that the Chinese manufacturer was on the hunt for a new watch OS as it seeks a closer relationship with the software development side.

The company stated that “Huawei was looking for an operating system other than Google’s Android as the US firm had not been very collaborative.” This makes switching to a more collaborative and useful Tizen OS by Samsung a much better option for the popular Huawei, as pairing with a non-collaborative manufacturer can mean the death of sales and consumer interest. By jumping ship on Android Wear, they are shedding some weights that will now allow Huawei to freely work with Samsung, who is on board to help create a more customizable and user friendly smartwatch.


The Android Wear OS may become a thing of the past. Huawei rumored to pair up with Samsung’s Tizen OS for future collaborations.

Any new smartwatches by Huawei featuring the new Tizen OS is still unknown at the present time. This news of this recent collaboration is quite recent and we can only stand by as 2017 approaches and Huawei releases information concerning new designs and smartwatches they have planned for us. While a Samsung spokesperson has stated that “Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet,” it is largely agreed upon that it is only a matter of time before the ink dries and their collaboration is officially confirmed to the public.


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