If you have a timepiece on your wrist or in a safe place that you simply love too much to trade in for a new smartwatch, but still want a few smartwatch features to make your day a bit easier, then consider the Chronos Watch Smart Disc.

33mm in Diameter / 3mm Wide

33mm in Diameter / 3mm Wide

The Watch Smart Disc by Chronos can be mounted on any watch case you own, so you never have to compromise your preferred timepieces while adding smart features to your watch.

This silver tone 33mm disc is only 3mm thick and is a sleek piece that discretely attaches to the back of any watch case using a magnet-free suction technique.

The Watch Smart Disc is:

  • Rain Proof
  • Sweat Proof
  • Splash Proof


You won’t have to worry about ruining this Chronos disc if you wear it out and about. It is made of Stainless Steel / Polycarbonate and is extremely resistant and strong.

It is recommended that to use this slim disc to its most effective manner and to allow it to work as discretely possible, that you use it on a timepiece with a 33mm case or larger. Since the disc is 33mm in diameter and only 3mm wide, it is sleek and thin, but will indeed peek out from the underside of your watch if the watch case is smaller than 33mm in diameter.


Smart Features

This Watch Smart Disc has a 3 day battery life and is easily recharged using a wireless conductive cradle charger that is included in your purchase. You can charge your disc while it is unattached or attached to a watch case.

There is a lot of tech packed into this 33mm (diameter) x 3mm (width) disc:

  • Customizable Light Alerts
  • Customizable Vibration Alerts
  • Fitness Tracking Accelerometer
  • Music Controls
  • Phone Controls
  • Phone Locator

Many of these features such as the controls and locator activates with a quick tap to your watch.

chronos-wearable-technology-for-watch chronos-disc-2


You can purchase this innovative and interesting portable, instantly attachable smart disc for only $99.99 at Nordstrom. Shipping is Free.

Nordstrom Purchase Link: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/chronos-watch-smart-disc/4467212



This is an interesting bit of technology that we found to be useful for our readers who are on the fence about purchasing a smartwatch, those who don’t want to give up their current traditional timepiece, as well as those of you who only want or need minimal but useful smart features for your timepiece.


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