The “Classic” Apple Watch is available in 20 models, depending on personalization and customization options at the time of purchase. With its stainless steel case which has been cold forged, it is 80 percent harder than your typical stainless steel. The mirror finish and protection it offers is much less likely to be nicked or scratched during every day wear.

Not only does the case protect the inside workings of this watch, but the display is also protected by superior materials. Sapphire crystal protects the display, and is made of real Sapphire—this makes the watch face more resistant to scratching as well, which is a great feature and is expected of an Apple Watch.


Brand: Apple
Type: Apple Watch (Classic)



The Apple Watch comes in display 2 sizes, 38mm and 42mm. The design begins with a square stainless steel case and a display screen protected by Sapphire crystal. The display face is square, which is different than most smart watches besides Pebble. However, unlike Pebble, the Apple Watch is expensive and above most casual smart watch wearer’s budgets.

With a plethora of band options to choose from, the customization of the case, the band, and the watch face during wear are impressive. However, Apple is known for their uniformity, and while the bands are very customizable, the casing of the watch does not come in many varieties. Minimalism is a long-time aspect of Apple design.

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

The Tech Specs:

  • Unisex
  • Square Watch Face
  • 38mm & 42mm Display
  • Operating System: WatchOS
  • Pixels: 340 x 272 for 38mm display; 390 x 312 for 42mm display
  • 8 GB Storage—2 GB for Music, 75 for Photos
  • Case Sizes: 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 (h x w x d) / 42mm x 35.9mm x 10 mm
  • Battery Life: 18 Hours
  • 3 Hours Talk Time / 6.5 Hours Audio Playback / 6.5 Hours Workout Use / 48 Hours’ Time Check / 72 Hours Power Reserve (time only)
  • Processor: Apple S1 computer-on-a-chip
  • Water resistance: IPX7 under IEC standard 60529
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE)
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz (system use only)
  • Sensors include: Gyroscope, Heart Rate, Accelerometer, and Ambient Light
  • Navigation: Button (Friends, Power, Apple Pay), Force Touch (press), capacitive Touch (tap, swipe), Digital crown (zoom, scroll, home, time, accessibility, Siri).
18 Hour Battery Life

18 Hour Battery Life


The battery life of the Apple Watch is only 18 hours. This is surprising, considering that there are not a ton of functions and features on this smart watch. The battery life issue has drawn some consumers away from this model and towards others that provide superior battery life.

However, while the battery life is relatively unimpressive, the inductive charging time is 1.5 hours to 80 percent and 2.5 hours to 100%, which is fairly impressive. So, if you are fond of the Apple Watch and do not mind the battery life, you can quickly charge up for the day ahead.

The Good

One of the impressive aspects of this watch are the materials used. For example, the display is protected by a polished, extra-hard protection Sapphire crystal. Typically used in high end and luxury watches, Sapphire crystal does bump up the price a bit. The stainless steel case protects the inside workings of the smart watch is was cold forged, making it significantly harder than your typical stainless steel. This protects the beauty and integrity of the case and the watch, offering superior protection for every day wear. In addition, the options of bands to buy are endless, and the materials for the variety of bands are of high grade material, especially the leather.

While the battery life is not all that it could be, the induction charging times are very quick and offer a great turnaround and less waiting while the Apple Watch charges.

The Bad

The few “bad” aspects of the Apple Watch are straight out of every consumers top three: aesthetics, battery life, and price. The iconic square face of the Apple Watch was supposed to make this smart watch different than the others—and it did, but not necessarily in the best way. Even loyal Apple users find the traditional circle design more sleek and favorable than the square face shape. This alone will be a final deciding factor in whether or not an individual will buy an Apple Watch. For many, it is just not their aesthetic and not the look they are going for.

Second is the battery life. While not terrible, the Apple Watch is similar to the iPhone in that it is not known for a very long battery life. This, mixed with the fact that the Apple Watch does not have all of the features of smart watches such as the Samsung Gear S2, yet still does not provide an equal or superior battery life, is not a good selling point, especially not for over $649.

Which leads us to the final con: the price. With the Classic Apple Watch running from $649 to $699, depending on the size, most people do not want to (or simply cannot) pay such a price for an Apple Watch. At the cost of the newest Samsung Galaxy smart phone, wearable technology such as the Apple Watch retails for too much while it offers too little to justify the price.

If you are into name brands and are looking to match up your Apple devices and make a statement, then it may be worth it—but if you are looking at it from an economic view and whether you are getting your money’s worth, most consumers may skip this for a better option.


The highlights of this watch are geared towards a couple functions that make this smart watch appealing to Apple users who utilize Apple-based functions from their iPhone. For example, Apple Pay. Using the tactile button on the Apple Watch, the user can utilize Apple Pay, which is excellent for those who want to keep their phone in their pocket or purse, and simply pay with ease using the smart watch.

Siri is another plus—while other smart watches also have voice activated features, Siri is known for its quality, and having this technology on one’s wrist is appealing for many Apple users who frequently use Siri for navigations purposes, looking up information, scheduling something on their device, play music, text, and more.

Finally, the sensors for the gyroscope, heart rate, and accelerometer are excellent for those who track their fitness and/or work out. By choosing a waterproof band, the wearer simply makes this quick switch and can go on a run without worry. Being water resistant, the user can work out and keep track of their progress over time with health and fitness apps.



The Apple Watch is only functional with Apple-based iOS such as the iPhone and iPad. This is not surprising to anyone looking to buy the Apple Watch. While other brands are making smart watches with compatibility not only for Apple, but Android and other operating systems, the Apple Watch is strictly for Apple users.

The tactile functionality is very good in this model. While there are no movable parts like the rotating bezel of the Samsung Gear S2, the square watch face offers a responsive and easy to use interface. The touch screen is responsive and the user can utilize a variety of applications and functions.

The Apple Watch’s functionality according to personal style is pretty good. Since Apple opts for a minimal look regarding the main watch case and face, there are about a dozen different bands to choose from, including waterproof bands for working out, leather to wear a sophisticated look, steel mesh for a modern look, and more.


The price for the Apple Watch with the Classic buckle costs around $649 retail for the 38mm size and $699 for the 42mm size. This is the price for the “Classic” Apple Watch, not to be confused with the slightly cheaper Sport model nor the more expensive Edition model.

You can buy the Apple Watch in a variety of places in store and online, both new and used.

The Apple website can offer you the full range of customization options at purchase:

Overall Impression

Of course, being an Apple Watch, this line is compatible only with Apple devices that utilize Apple iOS. However, to appeal to the growing market and consumers, it is a drawback to be compatible with only Apple products. Even Samsung is changing their highly-popular smart watches to become compatible with Apple iOS, in order to appeal to the larger market. Especially since Samsung is creating smart watches that Apple users want.

The Apple Watch offers an overall impression that is similar to any other Apple product, personally. You should not expect many different functions and features when buying this watch, nor should you expect to buy it cheap. This throws many potential buyers off due to the lack of additional functions, the square face, low battery life, and fairly high price for what the wearer receives.

Rating Comments

The Apple Watch does not receive the best of ratings, due to the fundamental drawbacks of certain aspects of this smart watch that cannot be ignored. The battery life that does not last even a day, the high price tag, and the lack of functions found on most other smart watches, leads me to believe that the Apple Watch is perhaps not the best choice out there for Apple users.

7.8Overall Score
Battery Life5
Overall Quality10
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