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Our writers at Smart Watch Review are focused on one specific niche of watches: the Smart Watch. We are tech enthusiasts of the modern wrist-worn timepiece that not only acts as a time keeper, but as our phone, social media connection, messaging system, internet source, as well as a variety of other functions we take for granted in the 21st century.

As modern horology buffs, we are obsessed with the unique combination of smart phone and time pieces that are being created in the new digital age, and the subsequent modern uprising of wearable technology.

We dedicate our pages to all smart watch brands: big and small; mainstream and specialized. This is the one stop shop for all things Smart Watch. Whatever you are looking for, whatever features you need, and whichever smart gear has caught your eye, you can trust Smart Watch Review to offer the most up to date information, technical specifications, impressions, a breakdown of the quality of materials offered, customization options, prices, and ratings.

Smart Watch Review is the only stop you need to make on your quest to learning more about the hundreds of mainstream and unique smart watches on the market today. This website was created in order to dedicate ourselves to smart, high tech wearable wrist watches in order to educate both the novice and expert in making informed purchases that they will be happy with having on their wrists for years to come.

Smart Watch enthusiasts are a different breed of watch aficionados. Not only are we interested in the design of wrist watches in general—from traditional to analog and everything in between—but we are tech-savvy people who appreciate the science and technology behind the making of this wearable technology.

We are cut of the same cloth and are dedicated to providing you, as our readers, with comprehensive reviews of your favorite smart watches, watches you do may know much about yet, and to introduce you to incredible models and brands of quality that you may not have even heard of.  

In every article, our writers will give our readers a full technical specification breakdown, the pros and cons of each smart watch, battery longevity information, display options, tech features, compatibility options, prices, design, customization, our overall impressions, and more—our comprehensive reviews do it all.

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